How to Reset Pokemon X and Y in 2024

How to Reset Pokemon X

Pokemon X and Y, released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, marked a significant milestone in the Pokemon franchise. Whether you want to start a new adventure, try a different approach, or simply explore the captivating Kalos region once again, resetting your Pokémon X and Y game is the way to go.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of resetting your game and starting a fresh journey.

Why Reset Pokemon X and Y?

Resetting your Pokemon X and Y game can be a strategic decision for various reasons. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself with a Nuzlocke run, try a different starter Pokemon, or simply experience the thrill of discovery all over again. Whatever the reason, resetting your game is a straightforward process that allows you to relive the excitement of Pokemon X and Y.

Warning: Before You Begin

Before diving into the reset process, it’s crucial to understand that resetting your game will erase all progress, including your current Pokémon, items, and in-game achievements. Make sure you are ready to part ways with your existing adventure before proceeding. Additionally, ensure your Nintendo 3DS is charged to avoid any interruptions during the reset.

How to Reset Pokemon X and Y:

Step-1: Open Pokemon X or Y

Locate the Pokemon X or Y game icon on the Home Menu and close the application. This can be done by pressing the X button on the game icon or by swiping the screen.

Step-2: Initiate the Reset

On the Pokemon X and Y title screen, hold down a specific combination of buttons to initiate the reset. The combination may vary slightly depending on your region, but commonly, it involves holding down the Up button on the D-pad, the B button, and the X button simultaneously. Experiment with different combinations if needed.

Reset Pokemon X and Y

Step-3: Confirm the Reset

After holding down the buttons, a prompt will appear on the screen, asking if you want to delete your saved data. Confirm your decision by selecting “Yes” or the equivalent option.

Step-4: Restart the Game

Once the reset is confirmed, the game will restart, and you’ll be greeted with the introduction sequence. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new game, including choosing a language and entering your name.

Step-5: Select New Game

When prompted, select the option to start a new game. This will officially begin your fresh Pokemon X or Y adventure.

How to Soft Resets Pokemon X and Y

This method is particularly popular among trainers aiming to obtain rare and a shiny Pokemon, a rare variant with a different color palette. They often use soft resetting to increase their chances of encountering one. Here’s the steps to Perform a Soft Reset in Pokemon X and Y:

Step-1: Save Your Game:

Before attempting a soft reset, ensure that you save your game. This prevents the loss of any recent progress or achievements.

Step-2: Perform the Soft Reset:

Once the event or encounter has started, initiate the soft reset. The specific button combination for soft resetting in Pokemon X and Y involves pressing and holding the L, R, and Start or Select buttons simultaneously. Experiment with different combinations if needed.

Soft Resets Pokemon X and Y

Step-3: Load the Game

After holding down the buttons for a few seconds, release them. The game will reset, and you’ll be taken back to the title screen.

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Bottom Line

Resetting Pokemon X and Y can breathe new life into your gaming experience, offering a chance to explore the captivating Kalos region with a different perspective. By following these steps, you can confidently reset your game and embark on a brand-new journey filled with exciting encounters, challenging battles, and the thrill of becoming a Pokemon Champion once again. So, whether you’re a seasoned trainer looking for a fresh challenge or a newcomer ready to dive into the Pokemon world, embrace the reset and let the adventure begin anew!

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