The Rise of Android Development Companies in Vietnam

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In the world of modern technology, where there are currently 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world, the demand for mobile applications has significantly increased, including both iOS and Android. In June 2023, the Google Play Store saw the release of nearly 90,000 mobile applications, marking a significant downturn from the preceding month’s figures, according to Statista.

This underlines the fact that Android development has been on the rise in recent years and beyond. Recognizing the potential of this market, tech organizations and developer individuals or groups have shifted their focus toward Android application development. In the current digital age, one country that has been making significant strides in this sphere is Vietnam. .

Over the past few years, Vietnam has emerged as one of the leading countries for Android development companies, offering affordable yet highly skilled services. This post will delve into the rise of Android development companies in Vietnam and why they are becoming increasingly sought after.

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Why Choose Vietnam for Android Development Services?

Rising as the world’s most promising IT destination, Vietnam has become a hub for leading Android app development companies, typically Orient Software, FPT Software, and S3 Corp. So why are so many businesses choosing Vietnam for their Android development needs?

Staggering Talent Pool

First of all, Vietnam’s education system is impressive, and the enrolment rates are surging, producing a surplus of graduates and professionals in the field of technology, specifically software engineering. Vietnam has a high literacy rate and a large population who are willing to put in the hard work to receive an education. Vietnam is a top steel factory for software and IT talents.

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Strong Technical Skills

In terms of technical skills, Vietnam has more than enough to offer to Android development companies around the globe. Vietnamese developers are known for their adaptability and expertise in different programming languages, including Java and Kotlin, the two primary programming languages used in Android development. Due to years of experience in the outsourcing industry, many Vietnamese developers are highly skilled coders who can deliver complex solutions.

Cultural Sphere

Vietnam is a hotspot for creative minds. Its diverse culture has churned out some of the best creative talents all over the world. The country’s arts, music, design, and fashion are vibrant and young, and modern innovation complements this backdrop surprisingly well. Developers in Vietnam are known to mix creativity with their technical skills, taking the overall user experience of an Android app to the next level.


One of the key advantages of choosing Vietnam as a destination for your Android app development projects is the cost. Compared to traditional tech hubs in Silicon Valley or Europe, the cost of living and labor in Vietnam is much lower. As such, firms outsourcing to Vietnam can achieve significant cost savings without compromising on quality. Furthermore, Vietnam also offers excellent government support and incentives for foreign investors, making it a smart choice for businesses looking to expand to Asia.

Time Zone Advantage

Vietnam’s location provides a significant benefit for companies based in North America, Europe, or Australia. Its prime location means that development work in Vietnam can be carried out overnight while the clients are sleeping. This means that Android app development companies can deliver their projects more quickly and effectively. This time zone advantage also ensures quicker decision-making and seamless collaboration despite the distance.

Excellent Communication and English Language Fluency

Communication is key to any project, and Vietnam has this aspect part in hand, too. The younger generation of Vietnamese developers grew up in a tech-savvy environment and have great proficiency in English, meaning that they can communicate with their clients effectively. This makes communication more accessible and efficient and leads to better collaboration and project outcomes. Furthermore, the country has a high-level secondary education system, which means that many young Vietnamese grow up fluent in English. This is an essential factor, particularly in the tech industry, where complex ideas and development methods often need to be communicated verbally.

Strong Government Support and Infrastructure

Vietnam’s governmental organizations have taken a very proactive role in developing the digital sector, and this has seen them launching a range of initiatives aimed at nurturing the digital economy in the country. One such initiative is the investment program for startups, which aims to promote and support startups in Vietnam and provide incentives for foreign investment. Furthermore, Vietnam has also established a strong infrastructure to support tech companies, including top-tier universities, modern office spaces, and state-of-the-art communication networks.

Tech-friendly Culture

The Vietnamese culture has a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, which is evident in its rapidly growing IT industry. This tech-friendly environment allows for a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive and innovate in the field of Android development.

Business-friendly Policies

The Vietnamese government is business-friendly and proactive in developing the IT sector in the country. Overall, this helps businesses because the government provides incentives to companies that invest in large IT projects, and several tax incentives exist for the IT sector. The Vietnamese government admissions are much shorter compared to other offshore destinations, making it faster to set up business operations.


In a nutshell, Vietnam is increasingly becoming an IT destination of choice for Android development services that commit to high-quality results and cost-effective support. As demonstrated by all the reasons outlined above, service providers based in Vietnam offer a large pool of talented developers with various expertise and levels of experience. Moreover, Vietnamese vendors deliver many other advantages for clients, such as excellent communication infrastructure, cost-saving opportunities, and governmental support at all levels.

So, whether you are an Android development company in North America or Europe, considering outsourcing your app development projects to Vietnam could be the right decision for you. However, the outcomes of your outsourcing journey heavily depend on your IT partner, so you had better find potential candidates, assess them thoroughly, and make an informed decision if you want to make the most out of Android development outsourcing services.

Shashank Sharma
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