Google to Discontinue ‘One’ VPN Service Later This Year

Google One VPN service

Google is soon to discontinue its ‘Google One VPN’ service. While Google’s authentic support documents still haven’t been aligned with the upcoming shutdown, Android Authority’s emails to Google One users on the upcoming shutdown leaked the news.

In 2020, the VPN of Google One agency emerged as a bonus feature for people already signed up to Google One, a subscription service that allows its customers to increase their storage space for email, drive and photos. At first, it was only available at the expensive 2TB membership at $10 per month, but later, it became an option for all Google One services, even those with a $2 per month price.

Why is Google Shutting Down its VPN?

According to a Google spokesperson chatting with 9to5Google, it is because of a lack of interest. In addition to this, the messy Windows code could be a tricky task rather than one that is worth the effort. An official date for termination still isn’t known; a note on their page indicates “later in 2024” when the program will disappear.

Google has three VPN features or segments in its toolkit, but we can’t really say they are products since there’s only one deal in the VPN world – all of Google’s VPN solutions work the same way. Additionally, the Google One VPN is offered for free for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac users—the one that’s the next to vanish. Finally, we have “Pixel VPN Google One, through which Pixel phones are provided, and then we come to “Google Fi VPN”, which is restricted to Google Fi Android and iOS users.

Among the group, Google One VPN, heading to sunset, made the most progress in adaptability and offered wide support for platforms. This signifies the end of Google VPN support for Windows and Mac platforms, therefore leaving Pixel and Fi VPNs carrying on with some changes that may be incorporated to this end.

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