Here’s why Quitting background apps won’t boost your iPhone’s battery life, says Apple

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Apple’s most biggest flaws is its battery life does the users have developed myths and tricks in their mind to save battery life and some of these myths have been officially busted by Apple’s iOS chief Craig Federigh in his recent mail to his Apple customer.

Double-pressing the home button on your iPhone and quitting background apps is among the most popular iOS battery saving tips used by many. But Apple has now come forth and busted this popular myth saying that quitting background apps has little to no effect on the device’s battery performance.

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This clarification came to pass as an iPhone user sent an email to Apple’s Tim Cook asking the CEO if he regularly quits apps in the multitasking view and if this helps to preserve battery life. Although Cook did not respond to the email himself, Federighi jumped in to bust this myth once and for all. “No and no” he likes to talk thought the point.

Apple iOS chief Craig Federighi dispelled the myth to an Apple user saying that killing apps isn’t necessary to boost the battery life. He also said that he doesn’t usually head to the multi-tasking screen to quit apps running in the background.

The goal behind the highly restrictive multitasking system that sits at the core of iOS is to ensure smoothness at all times and preserve battery life. In other words, Apple does this to ensure that iPhones and iPads can run as fluid as possible given the limited computing resources available on a mobile device.

Apple explains that apps seen on the multi-tasking screen aren’t exactly running in the background. They are instead in a suspended state in the RAM and are not hogging the resources. The multi-tasking window is more like a history page that shows the recent apps running on your device. The swipe gesture to quit apps are only advisable when the app is stuck and needs a hard-reset.

You can however head over to the battery settings page once in a while to check which particular apps are hogging battery or can use these setting to fix iPhone battery draining issue. Apps like Facebook are some of the worst offenders when it comes to consuming battery, and you would be advised to use it less often.


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