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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro is the most popular Smartphone of this New Year, not only among Xiaomi fans but for others also that’s because it is the first device to feature latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor but still it has many confusion regarding its spects & performance and today we are here to sort out all these confusion exclusively here.

For this we have both Mi Redmi Note 3 and Mi Redmi Note 3 pro for head-to-head comparison what has been changed and what does remain the same.  Mainly, the appearance will be same as the China version means same metal body and same design but the difference comes underneath it with upgraded hardware and configuration.

Does Mi Redmi Note 3 pro have MicroSD card slot?

mi 1

This is the most widely asked question regarding the new Mi Redmi Note 3 pro and finally we have its answer surprisingly it has MicroSD Slot but a Hybrid one same as Redmi 3. So basically, you have to choose from either 2 Sim or Sim+MicroSD card. It supports MicroSD card upto 128GB.

Mi Redmi Note 3 pro Camera performance

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro is equipped 16 MP rear camera withDual Image Sensor Processor (ISP), 0.1s ultra-fast PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) which guarantee you to take a high quality images but surprisingly the rear camera doesn’t come from Sony sensor, yes the Mi Redmi Note 3 pro is using (Samsung s5k3p3_Sensor) coupled with 16Mp but still surprisingly it takes the best shot with it weather at dark or in light. Selfie lovers will also loves this device too as the 5 MP front is using Omnivision sensor.
mi 5

In Night Photography

Overall, Mi Redmi Note 3 performance with Snapdragon 650?

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Mi redmi note 3 pro has the advantage of being the latest device to feature Qualcomm new Snapdragon 650 (basically SD618). When the new Mi Redmi note 3 pro put up with its previous gen Redmi note 3 then only you get to know how fast and responsive is the new Mi Redmi note 3 with its new Dragon inside it.

There were no lag whatsoever in Mi redmi Note 3 pro while the previous Redmi Note 3 (China) has some lag while opening up the apps or doing several tasks while its newer gen Mi redmi note 3 pro was flawless, crisp and clear doing several task, multitasking, camera shutter speed was also quick! In gaming also it has performed very well you can checkout yourself.

Mi Redmi Note 3 pro other feature: VOLTE

mi 3

Mi Redmi Note 3 pro supports 4G+ network which is significantly faster than the 4G network and not only this its Supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE) which is currently use by LG more over it helps and maintain the voice quality on mobile network for fast and crisp call experience and video quality and sound too. It does support all network around the World.


Well still it’s early to say about anything about new gen Mi Redmi Note 3 pro as it has been just launched in china but we get to know plenty of things about it as its performance is significantly increased compared to previous gen Mi Redmi Note 3 (china) and it comes with better feature like VOLTE Services and 16MP camera. We also get to know it has hybrid slim slot and a space for your favorite microSD card, might bring significant relief to some users.

It has been launched now for Rs 10,000 for 16GB Variants, and Rs 12,000 for 32GB version. Feel free to ask any question in comment section!


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