What two types of marketing can be used on google display ads?

Google Display ads

There are many types of Google Display ads in AdWords campaigns for building a marketing funnel. Some campaign types and targeting are more fitted to different marketing funnel stages and thus are more suited to different industries, company size, budget, and target market.

What is a campaign in Google Ads?

A campaign is a set of ad groups (ads, keywords and bids) that share a budget, location targeting and other settings. Campaigns are often used to organize categories of services or products that you simply offer.

What is remarketing in Google Ads?

Remarketing occurs on Google Display Network when internet users search. It involves using technology like marketing tags and tracking pixels to deliver highly personalized ads to people who have already visited your website but have not converted yet.

Types Of Remarketing

There are mainly four types of remarketing, which are as follow;

  • Custom remarketing
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Email remarketing
  • Standard remarketing

Which sorts of Remarketing are often Used On Google Display Ads?

When the question comes to which types of Remarketing can be used on Google Display ads, then it comes to only two of them; –

  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Standard remarketing

Standard Remarketing: This type of remarketing involves showing display ads to past visitors. They navigate their way through different websites that use the Google Display Network apps and social media websites such as Facebook. The visitors that use the search terms related to your product or service are also targeted through standard remarketing.

Dynamic Remarketing: Dynamic remarketing involves showing ads to the visitors that are tailored specifically for them depending on how they have browsed a webpage. This type of remarketing includes ad messages that are created specifically for the visitor who’s viewing the ad, which ultimately increases their chances of coming back to the website.

Difference between Standard and Dynamic Remarketing:

Standard or static remarketing is the most commonly used type of remarketing. Here you can create a single or a series of advertisements that are shown to your audience once they leave your website. When using multiple Ad creatives, platforms like Google will usually favour the best performing creative. By applying certain conditions and filters, you’ll determine when and the way people see these ads.

With dynamic remarketing, the ad content is ‘dynamic’, showing information supported by the products or pages the customer has previously viewed whilst on the website or mobile application. This delivers a more personalized ad creative, which usually results in a much higher click-through and conversion rate when coupled with a discount or special offer.

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