Apple AirTag helps Boston Police to recover stolen Bike.

Apple Airtag stolen bike

Apple recently launched their new AirTag, a miniature tracking device designed to help Apple users locate their lost and misplaced items. The small round shape device is intended for finding keys, backpacks, or other small items.

However, Apple states that it is not designed to find a stolen item, but it never stops people from experimenting with AirTag. In one such incident, an Apple AirTag user named “Gene Gorter” shares his story about his bike being stolen late at night, 4th of July in Boston. 

In the morning, he discovered that his bike had been stolen, but he remembers that he had an Apple AirTag hidden in the bicycle pouch. Gene then provided the AirTag tracking information to Boston police. Surprisingly, the Boston Police were able to recover the Apple AirTag from a trashcan placed near Gene’s stolen bicycle. 

As soon the Boston police recovered the bicycle, they texted Gene with the AirTag location and the stolen bicycle photograph. 

Boston Police Apple AirTag
Boston Police shares photograph after recovering stolen bike

Gene collected his bicycle from Boston Police. However, when asked, the detective told Gene that they didn’t arrest anybody in this case as they still had not found the person responsible for the theft. 

According to Gene, he has kept AirTag hidden in the small zipper compartment of the bicycle Handler bag. Hence, the thief didn’t find anything useful in the bag, so he chooses to throw it in the trashcan.

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Why didn’t thief find about the presence of AirTag nearby?

There could be many possible reasons, although the absence of an iPhone or NFC enable Android phone could be the one. Additionally, AirTag won’t make a sound unless the owner triggers it via Find My app on iPhone or it’s separated from the owner for three days. Hence, he wasn’t notified about the AirTag present nearby. 

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Gene is happy that he got his stolen bike, thanks to AirTag he’ll be buying more AirTag in the future. 

It’s not the first time, the same incident happened with a YouTuber who was luckily able to recover his stolen bike with the help of AirTag.  

The Real Story starts from 6:50

This proves that AirTag is really helpful in finding the stolen item and with the new update you can share Apple AirTag tracking with Police or your family member. If only the thief is not clever enough. An AirTag cost about $29 and a four-pack AirTag priced at $99.

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