Apple releases Tracker Detect app to help Android users to find nearby AirTags

Apple Tracker Detect

In a bid to strengthen the privacy and security standards set by its products and services, Apple has recently unveiled ‘Tracker Detect’- an Android app designed to identify potentially unknown AirTags moving with you.

This move reflects Apple’s dedication to providing the same peace of mind to non-iOS users in response to concerns raised about the potential misuse of AirTags for unwanted tracking.

An Expanded Shield Against Unwanted Tracking

AirTags, introduced by Apple in April 2021, are small and elegant coin-sized devices intended to help users keep track of personal items like wallets, keys, or luggage. They tap into the robust ‘Find My network‘ to help locate lost items with extreme precision.

Nonetheless, their compact size, tracking functionalities, and widespread popularity have raised increasing concerns about their possible misuse for unauthorized tracking purposes, even though they have aided the Police in recovering stolen items.

To address this issue, Apple initiated safety measures to prevent unauthorized tracking, allowing only devices with iOS 14.5 and later to recognize an unknown AirTag moving with them.

The recent release of the ‘Tracker Detect’ app opens this protective shield to Android users as well, enhancing the privacy ecosystem beyond Apple devices’ ecosystem.

How does Tracker Detect AirTag near you?

The ‘Tracker Detect’ app, available for free to download from the Google Play Store, scans for trackers (AirTags or Find My network-enabled accessories) that are not owned by you and are moving with you over a period.

how does tracker deteck work

The Tracker Detect app actively looks at AirTags Through BLE technology that has been separated from their owners.

Apple’s app can detect compatible devices from other manufacturers besides AirTags (like Chipolo ONE Spot). The Tracker Detect app will walk you through removing an AirTag’s battery to deactivate it if you encounter an unidentified AirTag nearby.

You can tap your NFC-capable smartphone on an unknown AirTag in your vicinity to obtain the owner’s contact information if it has been designated or lost by its owner.  You can use the ‘Tracker Detect’ app to tell the tracker to play a sound.

Tracker Detect doesn’t require the user to have an Apple account or share their location. In essence, Android users can now enjoy the same level of protection from unwanted tracking as their Apple counterparts, even without an Apple device.

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Apple Privacy and Strengthening Security

Apple’s introduction of the Tracker Detect app reinforces the company’s commitment to user privacy. By offering its anti-tracking app to Android users, Apple is tangibly extending its privacy services beyond the company’s hardware, giving non-Apple users tools to protect against uninvited surveillance.

However, Apple insists that these developments are just a part of ongoing efforts to improve AirTag’s privacy and security. The company has announced that it will continue to update the technology as they receives feedback from users and law enforcement agencies.

“AirTag provides industry-leading privacy and security features and today we are extending new capabilities to Android devices.

Tracker Detect gives Android users the ability to scan for an AirTag or supported Find My enabled item trackers that might be traveling with them without their knowledge. We are raising the bar on privacy for our users and the industry, and hope others will follow.”

An Apple spokesperson told.

Tracker Detect Alternative

There are many Android apps present in the Google Play store that can detect Apple AirTag although AirTag doesn’t work with Android. Here are some popular AirTag finders on Android.

Tracker Detect Pro

The first app on our list is Tracker Detect Pro, a paid Android application crafted to locate AirTag on your Android phone and identify potential stalkers. It does a wonderful job at this.

Tracker Detect Pro app


AirGuard is a popular free app on Google Play store. It searches your surroundings for potential monitoring devices like AirTags or others on a regular basis.

AirGuard app

In a digitally fraught world where privacy invasion is a growing concern, Apple’s latest app ‘Tracker Detect’ for Android is indeed a commendable step. It’s an example of how tech giants can benefit users across platforms by expanding their privacy and security features. Keep in mind that AirTag must remain separated from its paired iPhone device for a minimum of 10 minutes before Tracker Detect can successfully detect it and alert the user.

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Apple introduced AirTag in April of this year. They are available individually for $29 or as a set of four for $99. These tracking devices utilize Apple’s exclusive U1 ultra-wideband chip and they also incorporate Bluetooth LE (low-energy) technology.

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