5 Reasons Why Android is better than iOS

5 things Android do better than iOS

Google’s Android and Apple iOS currently are the most popular user interference Worldwide. And with the development of technology, we can see a strong competition between these two giant companies.

Android is reportedly the most popular operating system, although iOS outperform Android in terms of updates and longevity. There is some more significant difference between these two most extensive operating systems.

Today we will unwrap these important differences between iOS and Android and help you decide which way to go. Here are some reasons why Android is better than iOS.

Smarter calling – Truecaller

Android is better than iOS - Truecaller

On both Android and iOS, Truecaller is a very well-liked crowdsourced phone directory service. What’s wrong with Truecaller, you’re probably asking yourself, since it works on both platforms? Yes, you are correct, but how it functions and carries out tasks on iOS and Android is a lot different.

While iOS enables Truecaller to show an incoming spam call, it won’t disclose the names of every caller; you must manually check those. In contrast, Android just lets you see the names of detected unknown callers when they call you.

However, things have improved since the major Truecaller upgrade in August. The spam filters in the updated Truecaller app for iOS are 10x better and considerably lighter and more effective in detecting spam calls and messages, but still it works partially and it only identifies spam calls but not all incoming calls.

Record Phone Calls

Android is better than iOS - Record Phone calls

Call recording is available by default on the majority of Android phones, including Xiaomi, Realme, and others, or you may quickly install dedicated software for it. However, this is not the case with iOS because this is another thing that you cannot do on an iPhone. On iOS, you can use third-party subscription services, but you must pay a fee and very few apps are available that can perform this task.

Android apps like Automatic Call Recorder allow you to record all calls using the default dialer and allow you to share the AMR file via email or cloud storage. On iOS, you must use third-party apps, and even then, you can’t record it using the default dialer. You must dial and record from that specific third-party app only.

File Management

Android is better than iOS - File Management

When it comes to organizing files and folders on an iPhone, you’re out of luck. iOS 11 introduced a file management system, but you’re only given one app called ” Files.” It is more convenient and easy than Android’s file manager. Finding anything we’ve downloaded feels almost impossible!

The organization and finding process for downloaded songs or any other media is much more difficult compared to Android File management system. In Android, finding a downloaded file or any file is a simple operation, just like finding files on a desktop computer, because all files and folders are logically structured by default.


Android is better than iOS - Customization
*Source – Macrumors

iOS limitations on customization can be frustrating for users who are used to the high degree of customization available on Android devices. iOS devices are designed to be simple and streamlined and as a result, offer fewer options for personalization. While this can be seen as a positive by some, others may find it limiting.

However, Apple brought various customization options with the new iOS 16 update. Many iOS users want to be able to customize their devices the way they want, but they are limited by iOS.

Everything about Android can be customized to your preferences, from themes to widgets and icons to the control centre. In the future, I hope to see a similar option for iOS.


Android is better than iOS - Notification

According to Reddit, the notification center is far worse in iOS than in Android. Users of both operating systems (OS) can view notifications on the lock screen, but things change significantly when you unlock the phone. The push notification remains visible in Android even after the screen is unlocked. Users can still access it on the notification panel at the top of the screen. However, as soon as the user unlocks the smartphone in iOS, the push notification disappears. The user must manually access the notification center to check the push messages, which are still there.

When you unlock your phone, there is no sign of the push notification, and when you lock your phone, the previous notification will be gone. Thus there is a potential that you may not notice the notification on iOS. In Android, the unseen notification is still there even after you lock the device.

The iOS notification clutter is another difference that makes it challenging to keep your alerts organized. The iPhone groups notifications from the same app into a sort of bundle. For instance, if there are three Instagram notifications, iOS will display each one separately. Android appears to be doing an excellent job at grouping notifications together rather than displaying them individually. You can then tap a notification to expand it, creating a lock screen with a clear notification display.  


Android users have more options when it comes to customization and can take advantage of features that aren’t available on iOS devices. While there are many similarities between the two platforms, we believe that Android offers a better user experience for those who want to be in control of their device. What do you think? Are you an Android or iOS user? Why did you choose that platform? Let us know in the comments below!

This story, originally published Feb. 19, 2017, was updated to reflect new phone models and features that have become available.


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