Why are there so many Unskippable ads on YouTube these days?

unskippable ads on YouTube

YouTube, as you may have observed, has a lot of advertising. This is because YouTube is a commercial website, and revenue is generated through advertising. However, YouTube is completely free to use for users. YouTube employs a set of rules in order to maximize profits, largely from unskippable ads on YouTube.

Because YouTube has millions of visitors daily, businesses may easily buy ad space on their websites. Advertisers pay for the adverts that appear on YouTube, and YouTube then distributes the funds to video creators based on their popularity and number of views.

Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?

There are many reasons why you may have noticed an increase in the number of advertisements you view on YouTube videos recently. YouTube’s advertising has been more aggressive since 2021. 

Many YouTube content creators have also been impacted by the enormous number of advertisements on their videos. It has ridiculously reduced their viewership.

YouTube hasn’t provided a clear explanation for the sudden increase in advertisements. Nevertheless, it’s evident that there has been a recent surge in the number of YouTube ads, particularly in the case of unskippable ads, which went from 2 to 10. In response to the backlash from viewers, YouTube has decided to end this unskippable ad experiment.

YouTube bringing unskippable 30-second ads to TV

YouTube TV users will now encounter longer, unskippable 30-second ads, potentially making it more challenging to skip ads on YouTube TV. It has stated that instead of two consecutive 15-second ads, viewers will see a single 30-second ad. However, this does not imply the disappearance of shorter ads altogether.

YouTube asserts that 70 percent of YouTube Select impressions are generated on TV screens, making it an ideal platform for longer ad formats. Additionally, YouTube has revealed plans to experiment with ads that appear when a viewer pauses a video on a connected TV. These “pause ads” will manifest as banners around the video and can be removed by clicking the “dismiss” button.

YouTube has revised its Monetization Policy.  

YouTube Monetization Policy

The YouTube Partner Program enables channel owners to monetize their content by placing advertisements on it. Creators with over 500 subscribers and 3000 view hours are eligible to participate in the program. The creator cannot join the YouTube Partner program if the threshold is not met.

But everything has changed now. Whether or not creators are members of the YouTube partner program, ads will be automatically inserted into all their videos. If the creator is not a member of the YouTube Partner Program, he will not receive any revenue from the aired ads. So, if you think that by watching the advertising, you are helping the creator, think again.

According to analysts, this shift is part of an effort to increase ad revenue and encourage users to subscribe to YouTube Premium, a monthly membership service.

YouTube Creator Monetization setting

Another reason why you might see more unskippable advertisements on YouTube videos is because of the Creator’s YouTube Monetization settings. As seen in the images, a YouTube partner program creator can broadcast four different sorts of advertisements on their videos: skippable ad videos, non-skippable ad videos, bumper ads, and overlay ads.

YouTube Creator ads

Unskippable YouTube ads duration are 15- to 20-second videos that force viewers to watch the entire video before returning to the original. Ads that can’t be skipped usually appear before and after a video. Unskippable adverts only appear on videos that are at least 8 minutes long. So, if you see more and more unskippable adverts, you’re watching longer videos.

Promoting YouTube Premium

youtube premium

YouTube has increased the number of advertisings on its free version of YouTube to give users more incentive to switch to YouTube Premium. It’s as if they’re aggravating YouTube users with advertisements and providing them a reason to upgrade to YouTube Premium to avoid the ads and distractions.

Some argue that this argument is false because YouTube generates far more money from adverts than it does with YouTube Premium. Whatever the reasons but it isn’t helping users and ruining their YouTube experience.

What can you do about unskippable ads on YouTube?

There isn’t much you can do about YouTube’s unskippable advertising. There was a YouTube Vanced program that assisted in removing adverts from YouTube, but Google LLC recently shut down YouTube Vanced. However, there are still a few YouTube Vanced alternatives available to help you remove the advertisements.

Ad Blocker 

You can use AdBlocker to block unskippable adverts, but you’ll have to give up the YouTube app because it only works on desktop and smartphone browsers. However, YouTube has initiated efforts to crackdown on ad-blockers, with users being prompted to disable ad-blocker extensions to access videos on the platform.

Moving forward, viewers can expect to receive multiple notifications encouraging them to enable ads on YouTube. If users persist in employing ad blockers despite repeated requests to disable them, playback access may eventually be disable.

YouTube Premium 

The YouTube Premium is the next choice on our list, and you might not like it. Obviously, no one wants to pay to use a free service, but YouTube hasn’t left any option. In any case, YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month, but new users can get a free one-month trial.

Bottom Line

YouTube’s immense user base and its extensive data collection on user behavior continue to attract advertisers. According to reports, YouTube generated $6.69 billion in advertising revenue during the first fiscal quarter of 2023, a slight decrease from the $6.87 billion recorded during the corresponding period the previous year. This shift may be a significant factor prompting YouTube to strengthen its ad policies and prevent users from utilizing ad-blockers in order to boost their revenue further.

YouTube commercials are well-known for being extremely effective and popular. YouTube will have to determine if it is more vital to listen to its creators and users or more concerned with making money.

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