Download Xiaomi Mi Moji for any Xiaomi Smartphones

Xiaomi Mi Moji

Xiaomi Mi Moji English Version now available for all Xiaomi Smartphone

Apple has its own live action emojis called “Animoji” which brings great fun to users. Why let Xiaomi users remain untouched by this feature? Yes, Xiaomi has introduced its own version of Animojis, Mi Moji, and now it is available to Download Xiaomi Mi Moji for all smartphones.

The Mi Moji application helps you to create live action emojis. The users can choose between 12 animated faces and can record themselves for periods of up to 10 seconds. However, the record time could be extended in future updates.

Download Xiaomi Mi Moji

It is quite simple to use. It captures the gesture of the user’s face through the front camera and lets users make very funny videos with animated emojis. The audio can be edited from Male to the woman and can be shared on social sites.

One thing to be noted is that Mi Moji has not yet been released officially and is still in Beta Test. Thus, it is not perfectly able to perform very well, and the Emoji lacks in capturing many details of the user’s faces.

The Mi Moji app needs a Minimum of Android 7.0 (Nought) running. Xiaomi maybe adds some more new features to it, and Mi Moji isn’t official yet outside the China but it might come to MIUI in a future update with the stable version. Till then, you can download the app (English Version) from the link below.

Download Mi Moji 
Click the download button

How to Download and Install Mi Moji

  1. Download the Mi Moji APK file from above link
  2. Now click on the Mi Moji APK and Install it on your smartphone.
  3. Run and have the unlimited fun.

Simply locate and open the app on your device, select your preferred character, and tap the prominent red round button below to initiate the recording. Once you’ve completed the recording, feel free to share it in video format on your preferred platform! If you face any problem while downloading or installing, you can comment down below.

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