What is the average price of a Mi TV motherboard?

mi tv motherboard price

Xiaomi Mi TV stands out as a frontrunner, offering cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. One crucial component that defines the heart of any Mi TV is its motherboard.

In this detailed guide, we explore Mi TV motherboards and their prices, clearing up any confusion about how complex they are and showing you how to get one.

What are the components on a Mi TV motherboard?

The motherboard of a Mi TV or Redmi TV serves as the nerve center, orchestrating the seamless functioning of various components. From processing commands to ensuring top-notch display quality, the motherboard is the unsung hero behind every captivating moment you experience on your Mi TV.

The components on a Mi TV motherboard, like any other electronic device, can vary depending on the model and specifications. However, I can provide you with a general list of common components found on a television motherboard:

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU): The brain of the TV, responsible for processing instructions and managing tasks.
  2. Memory (RAM): Provides temporary storage for data and instructions that the CPU is actively using.
  3. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): Handles video processing and rendering, ensuring smooth graphics and video playback.
  4. Storage: Non-volatile memory (like Flash memory) for storing the TV’s operating system, firmware, and user data.
  5. Power Management IC (PMIC): Manages the distribution and regulation of power throughout the TV.
  6. Audio Processing Components: Chips and circuits dedicated to processing and outputting audio signals.
  7. Connectivity Components: Ethernet or Wi-Fi modules for network connectivity, HDMI ports, USB ports, etc.
  8. Tuner: For receiving and processing television signals, especially in models that have built-in tuners for OTA (Over-The-Air) broadcasts.
  9. Peripheral Interface Components: Various chips and connectors for handling input/output from peripherals like remote controls, USB devices, etc.
  10. Voltage Regulators and Capacitors: Components that regulate and stabilize voltage levels across the motherboard.
  11. Clock Generator: Manages the timing signals for synchronization of different components.
  12. BIOS/UEFI Chip: Contains the firmware necessary for booting up the TV and initializing its hardware.

What is the average cost of a Mi TV motherboard

The Mi TV motherboard price depends upon various factors such as processors, advanced graphics capabilities, and efficient memory management contribute to a motherboard’s price tag.

Moreover, the size of panel also matters. Larger motherboards often house additional features and enhanced capabilities, commanding a higher price. Lastly, the motherboard prices vary based on the specific model it is designed for.

The average price of 32-inch MI TV motherboards is Rs 2,999, while the average motherboard price for sizes larger than 50 inches is Rs 4,999.

List of Mi TV motherboards Price

MI TV32 4C PRO V1Mainboard3799 INR
MI TV32 4A PRO V1Mainboard3799 INR
MI TV55 4X PRO V1Mainboard6599 INR
MI TV 43 4XMainboard3399 INR
MI TV 50 4XMainboard5599 INR
 MI TV 40 4AMainboard 4199 INR
 MI TV 65 4XMainboard 9999 INR
 REDMI TV 50 INCHMainboard 5999 INR
 REDMI TV 55 INCHMainboard 6999 INR
 REDMI TV 65 INCHMainboard 8999 INR
 MI TV55 4 PROMainboard 7999 INR
REDMI FIRE TV 43 4KMainboard – FZ1E9699 INR
XIAOMI TV OLED 55Mainboard15999 INR
MI TV 55 5XMainboard8999 INR
MI TV 4C 43Mainboard4399 INR

What are the Budget-Friendly Options?

Contrary to common misconceptions, ensuring customer satisfaction doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. If your Mi TV is within the warranty period, that’s great, as you can avail free repairs from Xiaomi authorized service center.

However, if you are like me and your Mi TV is out of warranty and you wish to avoid the hassle of taking it elsewhere or searching for a repair service, there’s a convenient solution like Urban Company. In my case, they quickly went through the problem, replaced the motherboard and other essential parts, and brought my TV back to life yet again, all without you stepping outside the house.

Final thoughts

As you may be aware, motherboards are crucial components of your Mi TV, and getting them repaired within your budget can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, with the insights provided in this guide, you are now well-equipped to make an informed decision for your Mi TV

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