Ultimate guide on how to buy hosting with cryptocurrency

how to buy hosting with cryptocurrency

Finding the right web hosting that accepts Bitcoin can be a perfect way to start a web project of any kind, offering you the environment to deploy your projects while being able to benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrencies when the time of billing comes. However, since cryptocurrencies are the payment method to which today’s market hasn’t completely gotten accustomed to, you may now find yourself not being able to figure out where to start if you want to buy hosting with cryptocurrency. To compensate for this issue, we want to dedicate today’s article the the best practices on finding the right hosting with crypto. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

How do you buy hosting with Bitcoin?

1.   Find a host that accepts crypto

As we’ve mentioned before, cryptocurrency for now is not a universally accepted means of payment, so you’ll have to look for the providers that accept Bitcoin. You can either look for hosts that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by merely googling the corresponding key phrases, or you can first find a certain number of hosts that satisfy your hosting needs and then check, whether they accept Bitcoin. In any case, this information can’t be somewhat hidden, so you won’t encounter any difficulties at this stage.

2.   Figure out what your needs are

Simultaneously with looking for a hosting provider, you should also make things clear on what you actually want from your hosting. The diversity of possible projects that might require hosting solutions is unlimited and the possible offers by different provinces vary as well. These are some aspects you have to figure out:

  • Technical requirements: First and foremost, different projects have different resource requirements. A modest landing page is supposed as a business card for some of your business projects and will do well even on the most budget-friendly shared hosting, while a full-scale e-commerce shop will likely require a whole dedicated server in order to get the optimal number of resources, the optimal level of security and reliability, and better default SEO optimization. Different server types are also offered in many different configurations, so you’ll have to calculate more or less exactly your estimated resource consumption.
  • Location: The load speed of your website is a vital parameter, that is to a large extent determined by the location of your server. The rule of thumb here it that the closer your chosen location is to your target audience, the better. Make sure that a favorable location is offered by the provider that has caught your attention before moving any further.
  • Hardware specifications: Many projects may require some particular, less common, and conventional types of hardware to achieve an optimal level of performance. For instance, you may want to specify the type of storage device to benefit from its special features, be it SSD, HDD, or NVMe SSD drives. When looking for a dedicated server, choosing the right particular model of the CPU may significantly contribute to the performance of your server for particular projects you want to realize.
  • Datacenter: Since any server is housed in a data center, you should best learn more about the data centers offered by the provider in question. The data center provides the conditions for the operation of your server and for cases of emergency, and is in fact the necessary foundation for your server. You should first and foremost consider the tier of the data center, that is, its level of certification, and check whether data centers in question belong to a higher tier.
  • Pricing: Different providers offer different pricing schemes, so you should also make sure to check if the pricing plans by the provider suit well to your budget.

3.   Check the availability of the cryptocurrency you need

Nowadays there are literally dozens of available cryptocurrencies, each having something special about it. Depending on what particular cryptocurrency you prefer, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or anything else, you should make sure that your preferred cryptocurrency is as well listed within the list of cryptos accepted by the provider in question.

4.   Get enough cryptocurrency on your crypto wallet

Since you’re wondering how to buy hosting for cryptocurrency, chances are you already are a cryptocurrency user. If it’s, however, not the case with you, you should take care of creating a crypto wallet and fill it with a sufficient amount of crypto assets.

5.   Buy your server

Now that all aspects of choosing your server have been clarified, it’s time to proceed to actually purchasing it. Follow the instructions provided by the interface of the website of the provider you’ve opted for, choose the desired technical specifications and proceed to the checkout. If anything isn’t clear to you, don’t hesitate to contact the providers support team.


These have been some essential tips on choosing a hosting plan that you can purchase for cryptocurrency. We hope that all the instructions were clear and now you feel confident about buying a hosting plan for crypto.

Shashank Sharma
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