Why Should You Søk Beste Drivstoffkort?

Søk Beste Drivstoffkort

The top six gas cards that provide you with less expensive gas at Norwegian gas stations are listed below. There’s a discount on gasoline and fuel for every credit card. Learn more about each gas card’s rules and conditions as well as the chains where it is accepted.

A gas card: what is it?

Credit cards that offer cash rewards for purchasing gasoline or diesel are known as fuel cards. In Norway, fuel cards, also known as petrol cards, are quite common since they may result in annual savings of up to $3,000. Using a gasoline card will result in several methods to get your savings.

The greatest gas cards, for instance, provide up to 4% payback on the gasoline you purchase, while other cards have set savings at particular chains. Bonus points are a third type of reward in which you have the option to utilize them at a later time.

Petrol cards are similar to standard credit cards in that they are designed specifically for making purchases of fuel and diesel. It’s also usual for certain cards to come with extra perks like chain discounts and travel insurance.

Additional advantages include savings on food and vehicle rentals. These are a few ways that using a gas card might help you save money.

You may save up to $3,000 a year with a fuel card. To fully utilize this deal, a lot of people take advantage of it and have multiple cards to help them save. Check a comparison site like to get the card that will save you the most.

How to use a gasoline card to get rewards

Kickback, another name for cashback, is the best part of using gas cards. When the month is over, you receive a portion of the amount you paid for gas and diesel back on your card. The set savings you receive when you refuel at particular gas stations are known as discounts per liter. It takes the discount out before you begin to pump.

Points earned from fuel incentives may be used for other products and services. One such example is Trump, which lets you convert points for anything from restaurant purchases to airline tickets.

While loyalty programs can offer significant savings, it’s crucial to avoid letting interest expenses offset your savings. You will be granted interest-free credit if you pay off your remaining debt on schedule.

How the best gas cards operate

Some gas cards are limited to a single chain. Most gas cards available today only provide savings at specific gas stations. While there may be some value in the deals, you may not actually save money. You won’t save money if the gas you purchase is more costly than the competitors before the discount applies.

Additionally, find out how far the gas chain is covered in your region. Large price reductions at the pump are great, but they don’t really help if you’re having to go a long way each time you’re required to fill up your tank.

Examples of which are limited to discounts at specific petrol chains:

  • Only in Norwegian Esso facilities is the fixed discount offered by Esso MasterCard.
  • Shell MasterCard is now giving a fixed discount available exclusively at Shell stations in Norway.
  • Circle K MasterCard is limited to Norwegian Circle K facilities and offers a set discount.
Circle K MasterCard

There is an annual cap on fuel card purchases

It’s almost a given that the greatest Norwegian gas cards have an annual savings cap. Monthly limitation on certain gas cards frequently amount to one-twelfth of the yearly maximum. This implies that in order to fully benefit from the incentive, you must trade for consistent quantities each month.

As an illustration, your gas card has an annual cap of 3,000 and gives you 3% cashback on gas purchases. You will have already used nearly 30 towards your “quota” if you sign in for $1,000. As an illustration, before the gasoline discount expires, you may get as much as 100,000 off the tank of your automobile annually.

You can receive even greater savings

Gas stations in Norway have a practice of changing the cost at the pump according to the day of the week that you fill up your tank. According to Consumer Council surveys, the lowest pump prices, frequently with large margins, are seen between Monday and Thursday mornings.

To fully benefit from your gas card, customers should combine all of the savings with purchasing on the appropriate day of the week. It can result in annual savings of at least $2,000.

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Regarding gasoline cards and petrol cards, what are the interest rates?

The first guideline that you have to abide by to acquire a discount linked to the payment card, which means that the fuel card payment is required. Given the expense of using credit to make a purchase, this may appear a little illogical.

Of course, if you also have to pay interest, receiving a discount with your gas card won’t help.

By consistently paying back the whole amount of credit that has been spent by the following bill’s due date, you can avoid incurring interest. For instance, if you spend $2,000 on gasoline in January, you would be credited for the purchase interest-free, provided that the February payment is fully paid.

This interest-free period, which is often up to 45 or 52 days, is a feature of all Norwegian credit cards. If you pay the amount within the interest-free period, you can avoid paying any interest linked with the gasoline card.

What distinguishes a gas card from a credit card

The gasoline cards are just like standard credit cards in many aspects. The primary distinction is that the fuel cards offer exclusive savings for recharging at the nation’s gas stations while using gasoline or diesel.

Discounts on diesel, gasoline, and heating oil can still be obtained using a credit card ( that offers a high cash back rate. The primary distinction is that you are not given any discount each liter as would be the case with a conventional petrol card.

Discovering the finest credit cards within Norway for your requirements requires additional effort because of this. A great deal is based on how you use your fuel card and how you are rewarded for buying different goods and services.

Apart from the discounted rate per liter, gas cards sometimes have exclusive deals targeted at things acquired at gas stations, including car wash services. Additionally, it is not unusual to find offers for travel insurance or exclusive savings when renting a car while on vacation overseas.

When picking the very best gas cards, it is suggested you take every one of these criteria into mind. In conclusion, it would be wise to research which gas cards offer the most affordable interest rates.

You may select to view, for instance, just credit cards that offer a gasoline discount or arrange the list on the homepage of cards according to different standards.

Can you have more than one gasoline card?

Approximately 5,000 to 6,000 in monthly purchases made with your fuel card must be made in order for you to receive the maximum amount of cashback. This cash will come very quickly, particularly if you’re always looking for deals and bonuses.

As such, it is not unusual for cost-conscious individuals to have many credit cards.

For instance, you can have a credit card of your own that provides significant gas savings and another that offers fantastic online store price reductions. Additionally, you can have a credit card that offers travel insurance as well as fee-free withdrawals overseas.

If you have many gas cards, be cautious about how much you may borrow

Having several credit cards or gasoline cards, however, constitutes a risk you should be cautious about. If you own several fuel cards or your credit limit exceeds $25,000, the credit limit will be recorded as debt in the debt register.

This may affect your capacity to borrow money, for instance, if you qualify for a loan with a mortgage.

Your credit score may be adversely affected by having additional loans and credit. When applying for credit and loans, as well as to receive better interest rates on loans, a high score is crucial. A potential resolution to the issue is to lower the credit limits. Each of the cards, versus cutting down on how many cards you have.

An overview of gasoline cards and fuel cards

With a fuel card, you may use a credit card that offers cashback to receive a portion of what you pay for gas or diesel. You may make yearly savings of up to $3000. Discounts at additional businesses and on gasoline are also included with petrol cards. The most favored by consumers gas cards additionally come with travel insurance incorporated.

Certain gas cards, such as the Shell Mastercard and Esso Mastercard, are exclusively accepted at a single station. It is recommended that you consistently pay back the credit balance by the deadline. Here’s a tip to assist you in getting the most out of your card. .

You should spend $5000–6000 on the gas card each month in order to get enough value out of it. This means you need to use the card for purchases at other locations, and for items other than fuel or diesel. If you maximize your spending on the card as you do on other rewards cards, you can get the full amount of the rebates offered by the card granter.

If you don’t spend large amounts of money on fuel, you’ll want to ensure that you select a card which allows you to use the card at other retailers for rewards.

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