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humanize the ChatGPT

Today, AI language models like ChatGPT are important for creating content that feels human-like. While ChatGPT can write well, it doesn’t always capture the feelings and context that people naturally understand. This is why it’s important to make AI-generated content more human.

According to a study by Stanford University (Daniel, Z. et al, 2022), users are more likely to trust and engage with AI-generated content that exhibits human-like qualities, such as emotional intelligence and cultural awareness. 

Tools that use advanced technology can help add human-like qualities to AI content. By using these tools, businesses, and creators can make their AI content more emotionally resonant and culturally relevant, giving their audience a better experience. However, let’s discover humanizing content and tools that can help with that.

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Why should you humanize ChatGPT content?  

Making ChatGPT content more human is really important. It helps people connect with it and trust it more. AI models are good at giving facts and organizing information. But sometimes, they don’t capture the simplicity of human conversation. They might miss feelings, cultural stuff, and just how conversations flow.

When we make ChatGPT talk more like a person, the content becomes easier to relate to, more interesting, and more convincing. Plus, making it more human can help avoid any biases or ethical issues that might come up with AI-generated text. 

This makes sure the info matches what society thinks is right and normal. Similarly, a report by Gartner (2021) suggests that by 2025, at least 30% of digital businesses will use advanced AI tools to humanize their content and improve customer experiences.

How to humanize ChatGPT text?

To make ChatGPT sound more human, we need to use advanced AI tools in different ways. We can use Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems to add emotions, personality, and different styles to the text. 

Sentiment analysis tools can help understand the context and adjust the language to match the situation, making sure it fits with the culture and society. Knowledge graphs and models that understand context can help keep the text coherent and flowing, like how humans think. 

Also, adding things like images, sound, and videos can make the content more interesting and engaging. Human writers and editors can add that final touch to make sure the content feels genuine and matches the tone, message, and brand guidelines we want.

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Advanced AI tools to humanize the ChatGPT content

Advanced AI tools improve ChatGPT by making its content more human-like. They help ChatGPT understand emotions better, relate to different cultures, and grasp context. Here are some of these tools.

1. Smart paraphraser is an advanced AI-powered tool that can make ChatGPT’s content easier to read, understand, and unique. The tool keeps the text simple, making it suitable for a wide audience. 

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Unlike other tools that sometimes make confusing sentences, this one uses natural language processing to keep the original meaning while making the text sound more human-like.

Additionally, it can change how sentences are structured and add variety, making ChatGPT’s outputs sound more like real conversations. This is useful for creating content, marketing, and talking with customers, where sounding human is important for building trust. 


  • Have a huge vocabulary of synonyms.
  • Free to use.
  • Gives high-quality results.


  • It might take some time to process your text


  • This AI tool is free to use. 

2. Content humanizer 

The Content Humanizer tool makes ChatGPT’s text sound more like how people talk. It looks at what ChatGPT writes and adds friendly words to make it sound less like a robot. This tool is great at fixing repetitive phrases and making the writing flow better

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It helps text make sense and keeps people interested in reading it. This tool makes small improvements without changing what the text is about. This keeps the main message while making the writing more emotional and easier to understand. 

However, after humanizing the content, you can again check its AI plagiarism by using an AI detector. This tool will show the score of how much of your text has still AI


  • It helps to write smoothly.
  • Its interface is easy to use.
  • This tool turns words into smart and excellent phrases.


  • Sometimes, it works slowly and doesn’t change words correctly.


  • It’s a free tool.

3. Sentence rewriter uses a big database and understands language well. It suggests better words, changes sentences to sound better, and adjusts the tone for different situations.

This tool works like a smart editor. It changes sentences but keeps their meaning. This helps the text flow better and avoids sounding boring or robotic. Also, it changes passive sentences to active ones and follows grammar rules. This makes the text more conversational and interesting.

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The AI sentence rewriter makes ChatGPT’s text easier to read and understand. It changes how sentences are written and uses different words. This makes the text more relatable and emotional. 


  • This tool saves time and rewrites lengthy passages in seconds.
  • It ensures consistency and maintains uniformity effortlessly.
  • Simplify complex ideas for clearer communication.
  • Easily accessible online tool.


  • It may not always meet expectations because the quality can vary.
  • Relying only on rewriting tools can lead to mistakes in grammar and spelling. 


  • This AI tool is free to use. 

4. GPTinf

GPTinf is a smart tool that helps make ChatGPT’s content more human-like. It does this by changing words and sentences just enough to keep things fresh but still understandable. It keeps the main idea but makes it sound more like a person wrote it. 

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This tool doesn’t need to use weird fonts, wrong grammar, or strange symbols. That means the final text looks professional and makes sense. 

This makes it great for writers, researchers, and students who want to create original content. A plagiarism checker can also help in this aspect, as it helps you check plagiarism in humanized content.


  • It generates human-like content.
  • It has an intuitive and elegant interface.
  • Gives quick responses and minimizes waiting time for users.


  • Clearer instructions are needed for its functions.
  • Users want more customization options.


  • Monthly Plan: For $12/month.
  • Annual Plan: For $8/month.

5. Reword generator

The reword generator changes words and phrases but keeps the main meaning. This tool uses advanced language skills to avoid making the text sound boring or repetitive. When we use this tool on ChatGPT’s generated content, it makes the text easier to read and understand.

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It adds more natural-sounding words and phrases, making the text feel like it was written by a person. This is useful for things like product descriptions, writing blogs, and marketing materials, where it’s important to connect with readers in a friendly way.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • It saves you time.
  • Create content that is excellent, free from errors, and captures interest.


  • It’s good for simple stuff but might struggle with complex topics.
  • The content might not be very unique.


  • This tool is free to use.

6. Text humanizer is a new platform. It uses advanced AI to make ChatGPT’s writing seem more human. With its “Humanize your Text” feature, it can change AI-written text to sound more like the person who wrote it. 

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This AI tool adjusts the structure, tone, and style of the text. It adds things like different ways of saying things and stylistic touches to make the writing seem more human-like. 

By doing this, this tool makes the content sound more genuine and engaging. It feels like a real person wrote it, which makes it easier for readers to connect with.

This tool helps content creators, marketers, and others who use AI-generated content to keep it sounding human. This helps avoid problems like plagiarism and makes the content more authentic.


  • It uses smart AI to make good content.
  • It ensures that the generated content is original and plagiarism-free.
  • It checks and fixes the content to match your assignment rules.


  • Limited to text inputs only, without support for document or URL formats.


  • Yearly plan: $3.25/month.
  • Monthly plan: $5/month

7. Paragraph rewriter

The paragraph rewriter tool can make AI-generated content sound more natural and easier to understand. It suggests better words and breaks long sentences into shorter ones, making the text flow better. This helps get rid of the robotic feel that AI writing often has.

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Also, the tool can help adjust the content’s language and structure for different situations. For example, it can customize ChatGPT’s content for websites, blogs, or social media. This ensures that the content connects well with the intended audience and matches the right style.


  • Enhance your writing effortlessly.
  • Organize your writing better and make it clearer.
  • Prevent plagiarism.
  • Easily adjust the length of your content.


  • Rewritten content may require significant manual correction.


  • It’s a free tool.

To Sum Up

Today, creating genuine and interesting content is very important. It’s essential to make AI-generated text feel more human. To do this, we can use advanced AI tools like natural language generation, sentiment analysis, and knowledge graphs. 

These tools help make ChatGPT’s output more like human writing. They add emotions, cultural understanding, and context. Using these tools doesn’t just make the content more relatable and convincing, but also deals with ethical concerns about AI-generated text. 

As AI technology gets better, making content feel human will become more important. Using these AI tools helps content creators balance automation and authenticity, creating engaging AI-generated content.

Shashank Sharma
Shashank is a tech expert and writer with over 8 years of experience. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology shines through his work. He is also the author of the book "iSolution," designed to assist iPhone users. Shashank has completed his master's in business administration, but his heart lies in technology & Gadgets.

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