Teaming up in carrom makes it more exciting. Read carrom doubles rules

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Carrom, the interesting game that originated in India has become so much popular that many games are made by various organizations. Almost every child loves the simple and authentic gameplay of carrom. The players who want to play against random players use online mobile apps like GetMega, Winzo, etc.

Various tournaments are being organized for players on these apps on a regular basis. Although carrom is not included in the Olympics it is still a game with much popularity. Carrom can also be played in a team of duos. If you are searching for carrom doubles rules, then you are at the perfect spot.

Some of the best Carrom Doubles Rules

Have complete equipment

Without equipment, every game looks incomplete. For a game to be more enjoyable and lawful, there is a need for equipment. For playing carrom doubles, you must have the following items as equipment:

1 Carrom Board/ Carrom table.

2 1 Striker

3 A place for sitting for each player.

4 men

5 Powder as a lubricant

6 Net

Total number of carrom men

In total, there should be around 20 coins of carrom. Among them, 1 coin is the striker. A red coin is known as a queen. The remaining 18 coins are divided into two groups- Brown and white. Each group contains 9 coins and hence makes a complete army of carrom men.

Teammates sit parallel to each other 

While playing carrom in doubles, you must remember that your teammate should sit in front of you. Make sure you don’t sit together. This can be considered as a violation of rules and your team can be eliminated from the tournaments. This rule may benefit you further when the game progresses.

Clockwise turn

You and your teammate should take their turns clockwise. This means that the one teammate should make the move in the first rotation. Then in the second rotation, the other player may make his move.


Tossing will decide who may do the opening of the game. If a team who won the toss doesn’t want to open the game, then they can do it. For instance, if team 1 won the toss but didn’t want to begin the game, team 2 will have to start.

Perfect breaking

Perfect breaking is the reason pro players win the game. Breaking can even take the game from your hand or put the game in your favor. The one who breaks is assigned the white. The turn passes to the player who is sitting at the right. Then the turn goes on.

Due coin

The coin is paid as a penalty for a foul by a player. By some players, it is also known as a foul coin. Some rules related to due coin are-

1 The player is not allowed to take out the due coin for his/her teammate. 

2 The due coin can be retrieved if the table is not having enough space.

Can’t shoot behind the line

In the game of carrom, whether it is carrom singles or doubles, your teammate can pot the carrom men lying behind your line. You can also pot the carrom men lying behind your partner’s line. This rule is because of the basic carrom doubles rules. That’s why it is said to sit parallel to your teammate.

Excellent coordination

In carrom doubles, you are not permitted to talk to your partner. You can’t even communicate with him by gestures. The coordination should be like without any gesture or command you can both understand the need for each other’s help in the game. This coordination can be made by the practice of doubles carrom only.

Ending of game

A player can end the game when all the carrom men are potted by the player. This includes all the carrom coins whether it is the queen of the cover coin. The maximum points collector is the winner.

Scoring of carrom

Points for each carrom men are necessary as this may announce the winner of the game. The person who has scored the maximum number of points is declared the winner. So, you must know that how much each carrom coin or carrom men carry

Potting a queen

In carrom, whether it is single player rules or carrom doubles rules, a player when pots a queen, then he or she has to pot another carrom men to score points. This means that after sinking the queen you must pot another coin. Else, the queen will return to the table. Every time you pot queen, you should sink another carrom men.

Fouls in the game of Carrom

When you play the game of carrom, there are lots of fouls, which are meant to lower down the scores and give more fun to other players. Fouls may take the game in your favor. The fouls are mostly common in both single-player carrom rules and carrom doubles rules. But here for your ease, are the most common fouls that beginners do.

Pocketing the striker: Sinking the striker in a perfect move is considered a foul. As a penalty, you have to return 1 carrom coin from your account on the table. Also, you will lose 1 chance. This may lower your score. But you can pocket it again. Also, if you did this in an improper move, then 2 of your carrom coins will be taken as a penalty.

Talking while playing: You can’t chat or coordinate with your teammate. If it did, it is considered a foul. And as a penalty, you may lose the game.

Leaving the board: In the game, you are not allowed to get up from your seat for any reason. If you did, this means that you surrendered and will be eliminated from the game.


We hope that the above carrom doubles rules are enough for you to at least begin the game. Moreover, you can practice carrom on GetMega the amazing app offers you real-time cash and exciting prizes on winning, which can be withdrawn easily. So, have fun with friends.

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