World’s Smallest TV made from Apple Watch

Apple Mini TV

When Tim Cook introduced the Apple Watch in 2014, he described it as “a computer on your wrist.” He went on to say that the device would allow wearers to answer calls, send messages, read their messages, and “do quick things” using the tiny display But have you considered using it as an “Apple Mini TV”?

The Q” posted a video on their YouTube channel showing what they claimed to be “the world’s smallest TV” made from an Apple smartwatch. Some internet users called it as “handmade gods” after finding it,” and some people expressed disbelief.

In the video, the creator first measures the three dimensions of the Apple Watch using a caliper to get the perfect measurement for the TV’s border around the watch. Then followed by cutting a TV shape screen border from metal in actual size.

In this case, the maker chooses wood because it is easy to shape and only requires the use of equipment like drills to create a place for the TV’s screen display. After finishing the frame, embedding the screen with a border creates an appropriate and visually pleasing effect.

Finally, the decorative part of the TV is done through a series of operations. The makers assembled the antenna, buttons, base, etc. Finally, we got the portable “Apple TV mini version.

Even though this “Apple Mini TV” is a lot of fun, it isn’t actually a television set, which is why many internet users are not convinced. Although the technical material claimed to have been far higher, some claimed that Zhi Hui Jun had previously achieved the same thing with Raspberry Pi’s help and made the Self-driving Bicycles.

Shashank Sharma
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