Is Redmi Note 13 Pro Max Drone Camera Real or Fake? Know the Truth

Redmi Note 13 Pro Max Drone Camera

There are reports circulating on the Internet show that Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a drone camera, which will most likely be known as the “Redmi Note 13 Pro Max Drone Camera.” We’ll see if there’s any truth to this today.  

This month a YouTuber uploaded a video on Xiaomi launching a “Redmi Note 13” device with a Drone camera, after which the internet started buzzing.

Does Redmi Note 13 Pro Max Drone Camera is Real?

The simple answer is a big “No.” Xiaomi has no plans to introduce such technology, and this technology does not even belong to Xiaomi; instead, it belongs to Vivo. 

Redmi Note 13 Pro Max Drone Camera- Vivo flying camera phone
Photo Credit – LetsGoDisgital

We did some research and discovered a gadget360 report about the Vivo company’s patent for a smartphone with a detachable flying camera module. 

The patent application for Vivo Mobile Communication is named “Electronic device” and was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in December 2020.

How the detachable flying camera will operate is depicted in a sketch. Batteries, camera sensors, and infrared sensors will all be integrated inside.

This camera includes four rotors to lift it into the air, a battery compartment for solo flight, and two cameras, one of which captures the front aerial view and the other video below.

Vivo flying camera phone future? 

As if now, there is no hope for this technology in the future, it is good on paper but in reality, its challenging. The challenges that Vivo’s flying camera technology must overcome:

  • A small and Lightweight flying camera is prone to wind turbulence. You can lose your camera forever.
  • Video and Image footage should likely be too shaky and unstable
  • A tiny camera will consist of a very small battery, probably 1-2 min record timing, which isn’t enough. 
  • A camera sensor plays an important role. Today’s camera sensor is still large enough o fit in a small flying drone. 

For copyright concerns, most OEMs submit patents far in advance of their planned launch dates.

Some patents never see the light of day, and this could be one of them. Also, don’t expect this technology to be available in the next ten years.

Snapchat Pixy 

It is not impossible because Snapchat has introduced a comparable technology dubbed “Pixy,” which is the size of your palm and weighs approximately 101 grams. As a result, it is impossible to fit inside the smartphone.

Snapchat’s First Drone, the Pixy, consists of 12MP with a camera resolution of 2.7K at 30FPS, 16 GB flash storage, and stores up to 100 videos or 1000 photos. 

It is available for sale for about $230 (Rs 20,000) in the United States and France. 


Therefore, the story about Redmi Note 13 Pro Max Drone Camera is false, and the pricing of under Rs. 1 lakh is also fake.

While Vivo’s flying camera technology is still in development, we cannot yet speculate on the possibility of this technology in the real world until at least the next ten years.   

Shashank Sharma
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