iTop Data Recovery Review 2023

iTop Data Recovery Review 2022

Data recovery is the most difficult task for anyone. It is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. 

It often requires the use of specialized data recovery software, and iTop Data Recovery is one of them. In this article you’ll see iTop Data Recovery review test and will find out how good it is. 

What is iTop Data Recovery, and what does it do?

iTop Data Recovery is software that can be used to restore files that have been deleted or lost. It can also be used to recover data from damaged or corrupted hard drives. iTop Data Recovery can scan your hard drive for lost files and then restore them.

iTop Data Recovery is currently available for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. In this review will be using the pro version on a Windows 11.

How to use iTop Data Recovery

1. After downloading, install and launch iTop Data Recovery on your computer.

2. Select the drive where you lost your data and click “Scan” to start scanning.

3. After scanning, all the recoverable files will be displayed in the preview window. You can select the files you want to recover and click “Recover” to save them to your computer.

 iTop Data Recovery Test Results

I tested the iTop Data Recovery Software using a ScanDisk USB pen drive. I chose an image, a iSolution PDF book, and a text file for this test.

iTop Data Recovery Review

I chose all three files and deleted them all at once to run the test. Now that the file has been completely deleted from my system, there is no trace of it anywhere, and it cannot be recovered.

Let’s now test the iTop Data Recovery application by trying to recover my files. Since I knew that I needed help with USB Pendrive, I selected that one as the scan location. It can scan an external USB drive, an HDD, an SSD, and even the recycle bin.

iTop Data Recovery Review test

There is a large selection of Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Archives, and Other file types from which to choose. I select every option for testing purposes before pressing the scan button.

iTop Data Recovery Review file recover

iTop Data Recovery was able to quickly locate all of the test subject files after the scan was finished. The Recovered file also has an “Excellent” reconvertibility rate. It is because I haven’t used the USB drive after deleting the files.

iTop Data Recovery Review successful recover

Note: It should be noted that the success rate of recovery files depends on how frequently the drive is used or whether a write operation occurs on the drive after the file was deleted from it. The less it is used, the better the chances of recovery rates.

So, make sure you get it right away to the recovery process when you accidentally delete any files, and make sure to stop using the drive. The recovery rate for “permanently deleted” files by iTop Data Recovery is 95%.

However, I had limited success retrieving specific files from the recycle bin, and using Deep Scan takes a very long time.

The pros and cons of iTop Data Recovery

There are many benefits to iTop Data Recovery, but there are also some drawbacks. The best feature for me is how simple it is to install; just click Download-Install. There is no registration or data entry required.

Additionally, unlike cloud-based data recovery options, iTop Data Recovery is safe to use because it is an offline data recovery tool that can be used without an internet connection.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Quick Scan and Deep Scan Options
  • Preview Feature


  • Success Rate
  • Limited Recovery Formats
  • No MacOS and Linux Support

Final thoughts

If you have lost important data from your computer or external drive, iTop Data Recovery is the software for you. This powerful program can recover files that have been deleted from your hard drive or that have been corrupted or lost due to a system crash. This application makes data recovery quick and effortless. You can also check out Yodot Data Recovery software for recovery of data anytime in few simple steps.

Shashank Sharma
Shashank is a tech expert and writer with over 8 years of experience. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology shines through his work. He is also the author of the book "iSolution," designed to assist iPhone users. Shashank has completed his master's in business administration, but his heart lies in technology & Gadgets.

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