What are different Types of Google Ads 2023

Different Types of Google Ads 2022

A lot of people think of Google as a search engine. That’s true in a lot of ways, but it’s also an advertising platform. When you search on Google, you see different Types of Google Ads on the page that are relevant to what you’re looking for when you’re browsing on Google.

Google Ads are the primary way that you can advertise on the Google Display Network. They help you reach a wide range of consumers, including those who use desktop and mobile web, apps, and in-text ads.

You can choose from many ad formats to reach a wide range of audiences. Some of the most common formats are: – Text ads: Display ads that appear on the web or in apps.

Google Ads is the primary way you’ll find new customers and get more people to your website. It’s also the way you’ll keep your current customers coming back.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of Google ads you can create, how much they cost, and how to get the most out of them. There are mainly 8 types of Google Ads that can drive traffic Even When No One’s Looking for You.

Here are all 8 types of Google Ads and where they appear:

  • Search Ads: Text ads on the SERP.
  • Display Ads: Media-rich ads on websites.
  • Shopping Ads: Product ads on Google Search.
  • Video Ads: Video ads on YouTube.
  • Performance Max: An AI-driven, all-in-one campaign builder.
  • Discovery Ads: Native-looking image ads across Google’s feed placements.
  • Call-Only Ads: Allow you to promote phone calls.
  • Local Search Ads: Drive store visits or calls to local business.

1. Search Ads

google search ads

Google Search ads are the most popular ads because it has the potential to directly convert your customer into a buyer.

When the user searches your targeted keyword, Google Search ads are the first thing users see on the top of the google search engine.

Search ads are designed to target the keywords and phrases that users enter into Google. This is called intent-based targeting. It can display your website, brand, product listings, or services that may be prominently shown at the top of Google searches.

Types of Search Ads

  • Responsive Search ads – Google determines which headlines and descriptions perform the best, and it will dynamically test various combinations.
  • Branded Search ads – The user Bid on branded terms which is valuable to increase brand recognition and exposure.
  • Call-Only ads – If you create leads or sales for your company through phone conversations, this ad kind of makes sense. When a person clicks a call advertisement on a mobile device, the ad calls you directly from the SERP.
  • Dynamic Search ads: It is similar to responsive search ads, but dynamic search ads use content from your website directly rather than assets you provide (such as headlines, copy, etc.).

2. Display Ads

google display ads

The second most popular is the Display ads. It has a wide presence on the internet. The Display ads combine text, images, and a URL that links to your website where a customer can learn more about or buy products.

The finest feature is that, in addition to images and text, it may also include short videos (GIFs). You may also incorporate a playable game to make display ads engaging and interesting for users. Here’s two types of marketing can be used on google display ads.

The Display advertisements have the potential to improve brand awareness, drive website traffic, and increase sales.

You don’t need to generate several ad sizes for each creative variant since Google will automatically optimize the ad’s size, appearance, and format to meet the publisher site’s inventory.

Types of Display Ads

Display ads come in a variety of sizes.

  • 1200 x 1200 (square)
  • 1200 x 628 (landscape)
  • 300 x 250 (medium rectangle)
  • 336 x 280 (large rectangle)
  • 728 x 90 (leaderboard banner)
  • 160 x 600 (wide skyscraper)
  • 320 x 50 (mobile leaderboard)

3. Shopping Ads.

google shopping ads

If you need ads specifically geared toward a particular product and want to turn those ads into sales, shopping ads are a good option. Shopping ads are a unique kind of Google ad that provide in-depth details about particular goods you sell and help you turn viewers into customers.

When a buyer uses Google search to look up a product in your niche, the related ads will appear on the right side of Google Search pages.

Similarly, if you click on the Shopping tab, your ads appear first on top of search results. On occasion, advertisements appear above the Google search result pages.

In order to help you reach your potential customers, I’d also like to point out that these ads don’t just show up in Google’s standard search results; they also appear in the Shopping tab, on search partner websites, in the price comparison Shopping service and apps (on iOS and Android), and even on YouTube.

To display shopping ads, you need to submit your product data in your Merchant Center account.

  1. Create a Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Link your Merchant Center account with your Google Ads account.
  3. Link your product database with Google Merchant Center

4. Video Ads

google video ads

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google, with 2.3 billion people worldwide using it daily. On YouTube, millions of people log countless hours. Who knows, your next customer might be on YouTube. Thus, you’ll need video ads.

With Video ads, reach potential customers where they’re watching. Reach your buyers – and find new ones.

YouTube display ads will cost about $0.30 per click. YouTube Bumper ads are charged by CPM, meaning you only pay each time the ad receives 1,000 impressions. You only pay when they show interest or click on ads.

Your ads are mainly shown at the starting of the YouTube video, in the middle, and on the right side of the YouTube video.

Types of Video Ads

Type Length Best For
In-stream skippable 12 seconds to 6 minutes Remarketing
In-stream non-skippable 15-20 seconds, depending on the region Brand awareness
Bumper 6 seconds Brand awareness, remarketing, mobile devices
Video discovery No requirements Remarketing

5. Performance Max

performance max ads

The Performance Max is a new type of automated Google Ads campaign launched in late 2021 that uses artificial intelligence to display responsive ads across major networks.

Performance Max advertisements are allowed to appear throughout the whole Google inventory. Like simultaneously running a search, display, YouTube, Gmail, and discovery campaigns.

The goal of a performance ad is to increase in-store traffic, online purchases, and lead generation. It has the ability to reach a huge customer base with little effort.

Beginners who wish to reach a huge number of customers should use it. You may. Utilize a single campaign to reach individuals through all of Google’s advertising channels. Get a broader reach and higher conversion rates outside of keyword-based Search marketing.

According to Google, Performance Max resulted in a 22% increase in conversions and a 20% decrease in the account’s overall CPA.

So, how do I improve Google’s Performance? Make sure your asset group has at least 5 different text asset variants (4 headlines and 5 descriptions). Utilize as many resources as you can.

6. Discovery Ads

google discovery ads

The potential audience for Discovery commercials is up to 3 billion consumers. Ads for discovery can be seen in Gmail and the mobile YouTube stream on iOS and Android devices (under the social and promotions tabs).

It is better to engage in Discovery advertisements if your product is fresh, unique, or different. It generates more click at lower cost.

Google will employ machine learning to display the most effective combinations of your headlines, descriptions, and image creation to your prospects across your top-performing placements.

Types of Discovery Ads

  • Carousel ads – Carousel ads are a kind of advertising format that combines multiple images into a single ad.
  • Single image ads – Responsive Display ads and single image ads are comparable. Google creates several formats and sizes from your supply assets that respond to the specific placement.

7. Call-only Ads

Google call only ads

It’s a type of Google AdWords advertising campaign that enables businesses to show their phone number prominently on a search results page and allow potential customers to directly call the business through clicking on the ad. These ads are optimized for mobile devices and are ideal for businesses that prioritize phone calls as a means of communication with their customers. With Call-Only Ads, businesses can drive more call-based conversions, such as appointment bookings, sales, and customer inquiries, directly from their Google Ads campaigns.

8. Local Search Ads

Google Local Search Ads are a type of Google AdWords advertising campaign that allows businesses to promote their products or services to customers who are searching for local businesses in their area. These ads appear at the top of Google’s local search results and include information such as the business name, address, phone number, and a map marker to help customers easily find the business location.

Local Search Ads also give businesses the option to include a photo, review rating, and other information to make their ad stand out. These ads are targeted based on the user’s location, search query, and other factors, making them a highly effective way for businesses to reach potential customers who are actively searching for products or services they offer.

You can watch live examples of different types of Google Ads in this video below:


Google is one of the most popular websites in the world, and its advertisements can reach up to 90 percent of its users. With the correct keywords and targeting, you may reach millions of buyers who are shopping for the things you sell.

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