Where is Area Code 213, 323, 646, 786, 209 in U.S.A

Where is Area Code 917, 833, 469, 213, 786

Originally published on 1 December 2022

When you call someone, the area code on the phone connects you to the long-distance operator. An area code denotes the regional location of a phone number within the United States.

In the United States, phone numbers normally have 11 digits: a 1-digit country code, a 3-digit area code, and a 7-digit telephone number.

United States Telephone number with area code

The country code for the United States is +1. Every country has its own version. There are two sorts of area codes: local and toll-free. Toll-free numbers include 800, 888 and so on. 

Where is area code 213 located?

The area code 213 is primarily associated with the downtown Los Angeles area in California, United States. It is one of the original area codes established in 1947.

The area code 213 serves a significant portion of central Los Angeles, including the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods. It is one of the oldest area codes in California and was originally assigned in 1947 as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

Over the years, as the population of the Los Angeles area grew, the demand for telephone numbers also increased, leading to the introduction of additional area codes to serve the region. As a result, the geographic area covered by the area code 213 has been reduced, with new area codes such as 323, 310, and 818 being introduced to accommodate the growing population and telephone usage.

Despite these changes, the area code 213 remains closely associated with downtown Los Angeles and is recognized as one of the city’s iconic area codes. It is often featured in popular culture, including movies, television shows, and music, further cementing its place in the cultural identity of Los Angeles.

Where is area code 917 located?

The area code 917 is assigned to the state of New York in the United States. New York is the major city it serves. It also covers New York City’s five boroughs, from The Bronx to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

The 917 is New York City’s oldest mobile area code since its introduction in 1992 as the go-to for all mobile phones and pagers throughout the city.

Where is area code 833 located?

Area code 833 is not assigned to any city or town in North America. Instead, it’s a toll-free number assigned by the North American Numbering Plan or NANP along with 800, 844, 855, 876, 877, and 888.

Toll-free numbers are frequently used for businesses without having to charge for long-distance calls. For the best services you can check Best Verizon Business Unlimited Plans

Note: There have been numerous reports of scammers impersonating legitimate businesses using 833 area code numbers. If you get a call from an 833 number claiming to represent a business, don’t give out your personal information.

Where is area code 877 located?

An 877 number is one of the toll-free numbers assigned by the North American Numbering Plan or the NANP. Area code 877 is a toll-free area code used in the United States and Canada. When dialing a toll-free number with the area code 877 the caller is not charged when dialing a toll-free line with the area code 877. Instead, the party being phoned is responsible for the call’s cost. Toll-free numbers with the 877 area code are available throughout the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) region.

The only distinction between 1-877 phone numbers and others, in the caller’s eyes, is that the code owner will pay their call expenses. This means that any domestic or international calls to the owner’s business number will be handled, regardless of the cost.

Unfortunately, 877 area codes are also renowned for their usage in scam calls, such as the one-ring scam, which appears to be all the rage among scammers. The greatest method to prevent falling victim to a 1-877 number scam is to be cautious.

Where is area code 855 located?

Area code 855 is used by businesses to contact customers in the United States and Canada. The 855 area code is not tied with any specific geographic place. Calls to this area code, like all toll-free area codes, are not charged to the caller but are paid for by the party being called. Toll-free numbers with the area code 855 are usable throughout the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) region.

Where is area code 703 located?

Area code 703 is a North American telephone area code that is used in the state of Virginia in the United States. When it was established in 1947, the 703 area code spanned the whole state of Virginia, but it has since been limited in geographic area as other area codes have been added to the state to accommodate population development and increasing demand for phone lines. The 703 area code now predominantly serves the northern and western parts of Virginia, including Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington.

Where is area code 469 located?

Area code 469 is associated with Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Additionally, area codes 214, 972, and 945, also cover the city of Dallas.

Where is area code 209 located?

Area code 209 is assigned to the state of California in the United States and serves the cities of Stockton, Modesto, Tracy, Merced, and Turlock. Fresno is the major city it serves.

In 1997, the 209 area code was separated to become the 559 area code. As a result, it manages some of the initial 512 area code overflows. 

Where is area code 786 located?

Area code 786 is located in southern Florida and covers Hialeah, Miami Gardens, Miami Beach, Kendall, and Homestead. It is an overlay for area code 305.

Where is area code 347 located?

Area code 347 serves New York City, United States. The 347 is one of the four area codes for the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island in New York, as designated by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

It also covers a portion of Manhattan. It was introduced as an overlay to the original 718 area code to address the increasing demand for telephone numbers in the New York City metropolitan area. The 347 area code was implemented in 1999 alongside the 646 area code, covering the same geographic area as the 718 area code.

Where is area code 323 located?

The 323 area code is primarily associated with the central and eastern parts of Los Angeles, California, United States. It was created in 1998 as an overlay to the original 213 area code to accommodate the growing population and demand for telephone numbers in the Los Angeles area. The 323 area code covers neighborhoods such as Hollywood, East Los Angeles, and Silver Lake, among others.

Where is area code 407 located?

Area codes 407 and 689 are telephone area codes of Florida and cover the city Orlando, Alafaya, Pine Hills, Kissimmee, and Sanford. It overlaps the 321 area code. It overlays the area code of 321.

Where is area code 707 located?

Area code 707 is a telephone area code that covers Santa Rosa, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, and Napa in Northwestern California. Santa Rosa is the major city it serves.

Where is area code 646 located?

Area code 646 serves Manhattan and also Bronx areas in New York City, NY. It is an overlay for area code 212. The 646 area code was implemented in 1999 alongside the 347 area code, covering the same geographic area as the 212 area code. It is commonly used for landline and mobile phone numbers in Manhattan and is one of the area codes that contribute to the telecommunications network of New York City.

Where is area code 647 located?

The 647 area code is primarily associated with the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario, Canada. It was introduced as an overlay to the original 416 area code to address the increasing demand for telephone numbers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The 647 area code was implemented in 2001 to supplement the available telephone numbers in the region, alongside other overlay area codes such as 437. It covers the same geographic area as the 416 area code and is commonly used for landline and mobile phone numbers in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Where is area code 310 located?

Area codes 310 and 424 are telephone area codes that serve the state of California in the United States. It serves the major metropolis, Los Angeles, as well as Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Long Beach.

Where is area code 818 located?

Area code 818 serves some parts of Los Angeles, California and the San Fernando Valley. Well, the largest city it serves is Los Angeles. Also, area code 213 serves part of Los Angeles, California.

Where is area code 404 located?

Area code 404 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for Atlanta, Georgia and its closest suburbs. The largest city it serves is Atlanta.

USA Area code
Map of United States with Area Code

Area Code 818 Scams

Area code 818 numbers have been reported to be used for some scams including Microsoft Technical support, Apple iCloud Support, Amazon support scam and IRS scam.

As a result, scam callers are common in the 818-area code. This is due to the fact that this area code contains a large number of businesses and many unlisted numbers. This number is a prime target for hacking by fraudulent businesses.

818 area code scam

How to avoid scam calls?

  • Install Truecaller app on your phone, as it can detect spam calls and notify you before the phone rings.
  • It’s a robocall if you pick up the phone and hear a recorded message rather than a live person. Hang up if you receive an unauthorized robocall. Avoid pressing a number because doing so can trigger more robocalls.
  • If you didn’t lose money and just want to report a call, you can use the streamlined reporting form at
  • You can report phone scams at if you’ve lost money or if you know anything about the company or scammer who phoned you.
  • Microsoft, Amazon, Apple or others; they will never call you unless you call them and request a callback.

What to do if you receive a call from one of these numbers?

scam usa area code 213

Scammers frequently use these dialing digits since they are issued to multiple cities rather than just one. This makes it difficult to trace these numbers back. The 833 is also a sneaky number because it appears to be a genuine number at first glance. You can look for the List of Country Code for Scammers in a similar manner.

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) warns consumers against answering one-ring calls from certain area codes. So, these Area codes you should not answer:

  • 268
  • 284
  • 473
  • 664
  • 649
  • 767
  • 809
  • 829
  • 849
  • 876

How can one avoid being taken in by fraudulent phone calls? Follow these steps

1. The easiest way to prevent being hit is to – Do not call back.

2. If you continue to get phone calls, check it on or Truecaller, and you can also post it on google to see if anyone has posted warnings about it being used for a scam.

3. The call comes from both your phone and third-party apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others — do not pick up or return the call.


What is Los Angeles area code?

The area code for Los Angeles is 310 and is the top of the prestigious area codes. The Area code 424 is also applicable for Los Angeles, but 310 is the oldest and the most used area code.

What is California area code?

California has long list of area codes. There are currently 38 area codes in California from 209, 213 to 951.


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