List of Apple iPhone 13 issues reported by users

iPhone 13 Problems

Apple fans were excited about the new iPhone 13, but their excitement didn’t stayed for long. Starting on September 24, iPhone 13 went on sale around the world, but what followed was not rave reviews but the mixed response of “praise and criticism.”

Some users said that the new iPhone 13 is beautiful, but some were disappointed to find out that their iPhone 13 has issues and some minor problems. Now let’s see if you have encountered any of these problems?

Double-tap to wake up the phone, dont work

Some users found that after the iPhone 13 gets lock or gets to sleep, double-clicking the screen doesn’t wake it up, and you can only turn on the screen by pressing the power button on iPhone 13.

There also some other touch screen problems also reported by users, the new iPhone 13 doesn’t register touch input from users until unless you restart the phone. It could be the problem with new iOS 15 update.

The camera has black spots

iPhone 13 issues with Black spot on camera

The camera is one of the most important upgrades of the iPhone 13. The test results released by DXOMark show that the iPhone 13 Pro has a total score of 137, ranking fourth. However, some users tested out the camera after getting new iPhone 13 in their hands. After turning on the camera, they found that there were black spots on the picture clicked by iPhone camera.

In addition, some users also reported that the new iPhone 13 has dust inside the camera. The macro mode is automatically enabled when taking pictures, and cannot turn off manually.

The scratched borders of iPhone 13

Although the appearance of the iPhone 13 has not changed much compared to the previous generation if the new phone starts with “90% new”, it is obviously difficult for users to accept it. However, some users experienced that the frame of their new iPhone 13 has scratches.

Poor signal

“When I bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, I thought that upgrading to 5G Apple should solve the main problems of poor signal, right? However, one year of experience tells me that the iPhone’s signal is still the same and has not improved significantly. Will the iPhone 13 be better?” an iPhone user asked. 

According to iPhone 13 users, there hasn’t been much changed since iPhone 11. The problem with the 5G network signal is still there, and it also gets frequently disconnected from Wifi Networks. 


iPhone 13 issues and problems

In addition to these, some other problems have also attracted the attention of Apple fans. The new packaging of the iPhone 13 has its own flaws. Compared with plastic film packaging, the upper and lower seal design is easy to copy and can be used for making fake copies of the iPhone 13. 

Also, if the iPhone 13 is replaced by a third-party repair agency, it will cause the face recognition to be unusable. Is this the “negative effect” of the 20% reduction in the area of ​​the bangs? 

The high price of the screen replacement on Apple’s official website is one factor that users prefer third-party repair services. 

Recently, iFixit released a detailed disassembly report of the iPhone 13 Pro. iFixit found that the iPhone 13 Pro is equipped with 6GB of memory and a 3095mAh battery (higher than the 2815mAh of the iPhone 12 Pro).

In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro combines floodlighting and dot-matrix projectors into one module. The Face ID module is now independent of the screen assembly and earpiece separated from the screen has been rearranged between the front camera and the Face ID.

But at the same time, iFixit also mentioned that even if the phone’s Face ID module is decoupled from the screen, any operation designed to replace the screen will cause the Face ID to be locked.

In the end, iFixit gave the iPhone 13 Pro a reparability score of 5 out of 10 points. The higher the score, the easier it is to repair.

The above are some problems of iPhone 13 reported by users. Have you encountered any of them? Do share with us in our comment section. 


Shashank Sharma
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