DJI Rival Autel launched four drones, weigh only 249g, and uses RYYB sensors.

Daotong EVO series Drones

DJI Rival Autel formally announced the EVO Nano and EVO Lite line of aerial drones as a new generation of flagship aerial drones. The EVO Nano line of drones will compete with DJI’s Mavic mini-series of drones.

The EVO Nano drone weight only 249gm, due to which it doesn’t come under FAA new laws in the USA. 

EVO Nano

DJI Rival Autel EVO Drones

EVO Nano comes in a light category of Drone as it weighs only 249gm. Equipped with front, back, and down three-way binocular vision sensors, it can perceive information about surrounding obstacles in real-time. For inexperienced users, flying is safer.

The EVO Nano series has a maximum battery life of 28 minutes. Based on Autel SkyLink’s new image transmission technology, it can achieve a stable image transmission of 10km with a resolution of 2.7K.

EVO Nano has a 1/2-inch CMOS image sensor that can take 48 million pixel photos and can record up to 4K/30 frames of high-definition video.

EVO Nano+ 

Autel Drone

The EVO Nano+ has a built-in 1/1.28-inch CMOS and adopts the RYYB color filter array design, absorbing 40% more light than the traditional RGGB array. With the F1.9 large aperture, it still presents a clear picture in low light. It also supports PDAF+CDAF focusing system to achieve millisecond autofocus. 

The camera supports shooting HDR videos and photos. The highlights are not exposed and can be distinguished the details of the dark parts. At the same time, the rest of specification is same as EVO Nano. 

The EVO Nano series offers 4 color matching options: Danxia Orange, Space Gray, Glacier White, and Red Flame Red.

EVO Lite+


The EVO Lite+ series features a 1-inch big CMOS image sensor with 20 million pixels, capable of shooting 6K/30fps video and 20 million pixel images. Under varied lighting circumstances, by adjusting the size of the EVO Lite+ aperture, you can regulate the change of light and shadow, resulting in a qualitative leap in image quality.

Even in the low-light environment of 0.1lux, the naked eye fails to see things. EVO Lite+ can still shoot clean, delicate, low-noise night scene videos and clearly restore the night scene beauty with a simple adjustment of ISO setting.

It also includes a “one-key haze reduction” feature. With a single tap on the remote control, you can remove the haze or haze interference in the picture to acquire superior contrast and image quality, whether the drone is flying along the Riverbanks or shuttles between densely hazy buildings.

EVO Lite  

Autel controller

On the other hand, the EVO Lite has a 50-megapixel 1/1.28-inch sensor, PDAF + CDAF hybrid focus, and 4K HDR video recording. Thanks to a revolutionary four-axis pan/tilt architecture, you can switch between horizontal and vertical photography with one key. Without cropping the screen, you can capture 4K/60 fps vertical video.

It adopts an RYYB colour filter array design, which absorbs 40% more light than traditional RGGB arrays, with abundant light input and powerful image resolution. It can also shoot HDR videos.

What’s an RYYB camera sensor?

The colour-imaging array on most sensors used in Smartphone and Camera drones is an RGGB configuration that looks much like this.

RGGB color configuration

An image sensor is only light-sensitive, and thus a raw image capture from a digital image sensor is always black and white. That’s why we need a colour filter array, such as the Bayer filter.

The sensor is hidden behind a series of filters, each of which allows one of the RGB colours to pass through, and the image obtained is grayscale before being composited into a color image. This is how the filters appear.

RYYB color sensor on drone

The RYYB configuration uses a yellow filter grid rather than a green grid. The theoretical advantage of this configuration is that yellow, which contains green and red light, transmits more light (40% more through a yellow filter compared to green) to the sensor, making it perform better in low light conditions. 

The EVO Lite series offers three colors: Danxia Orange, Glacier White, and Space Gray. Among them, EVO Lite starts at 7399 yuan ($1,147), and EVO Lite+ starts at 7999 yuan ($1240). The EVO Nano series starts at 3999 yuan($620). It’s exclusively available in China until it’s available for global shipment on the AliExpress Drone platform.

Do share your thoughts about the new EVO drone in our comment section. Do you think Autel drones can be a worthy opponent for DJI in the International market. 

[Source: Fast Technology]

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